Stay safe. We build for you homes with super insulated steel reinforced, solid poured concrete ICF walls, wind mitigated roof, impact resistant glass. These homes are able to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds up to 200 MPH, fire resistant up to 4 hours, and sound suppressant.

Since 2007, we at Florida Green Construction have built hurricane resistant ICF homes to bring our customers security and peace of mind.

The traditionally built homes on the market today are unfit to provide the safety and sanctity that our residents need and demand.


It is very important to have a home that can protect your family, life and your investment. The ICF house shown above in Palm Coast, built by Florida Green Construction, Inc. is beautiful and strong, able to withstand hurricane and tornado force winds of up to 200 MPH.

It was built using ICF walls: super insulated from both sides, steel reinforced, solid concrete walls, impact resistant glass and super insulated wind mitigated roof. The same as the Sand Palace in Mexico Beach, one of the only structures standing after Hurricane Michael.


On October 10, 2018 Hurricane Michael spun Category 4 winds around the upper reaches of the Sunshine State. With sustained winds of 155 miles per hour. Almost every structure at Tyndall Air Force base suffered structural damage. Mexico Beach, saw three-quarters of its homes, municipal buildings, and businesses damaged. This is how we can build a home for you.

On September 3rd, 2019 Hurricane Dorian decimated the Bahamas Islands with category 5 winds of 185 mph. Many cities and homes were destroyed, several people lost their lives and the islands will never be the same. Below is a testimonial from a family who survived in an ICF home in the Bahamas, during hurricane Dorian. August 2019.

“Thanks everyone for your concerns, I am pleased to say that my wife Catherine, Sierra, our 3 dogs and cat are well and safe. We had the most unique experience imaginable; The house we built specifically for hurricane held up beyond expectations. ICF construction 15' above ground with Coral windows hurricane impact windows and doors. We had views from all around. Never seen anything like it. Although I lost all my band equipment because I didn't have help to lift the gear upstairs, our living space (the house) did excellent. Me being media professional, I captured loads of high-end photos and video to tell the story of Dorian. We lost all communication contact very early in the storm when BTC cut off.”

David Mackey – survivor of hurricane Dorian, Grand Bahama Island, August 2019

Build with us safe homes with icf walls

ICF walls: super insulated from both sides, steel reinforced, solid concrete walls withstanding hurricane winds and flying debris of up to 200 MPH+..



Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) make each wall, concrete is poured into 4” precast frames and lace it with lengths of horizontal and vertical steel rebar with 2 ½” expanded polystyrene insulation on both sides with effective R-29 insulation value, which results in up to 70% energy savings on monthly electric bills. The exterior walls are capable of withstanding hurricane winds and flying debris of up to 200 MPH+.


In addition to structural integrity and energy efficiency, ICF walls drastically reduce air infiltration resulting in less dust, pollen and allergens coming in from the outside. ICF or Insulated Concrete Forms are hypoallergenic and do not contain chlorofluorocarbons, formaldehyde, asbestos or fiberglass. ICF forms are certified green material.


Mold cannot grow in ICF forms because they are moisture resistant and do not contain a food source for the insects.


ICF walls are fire resistant up to 4 hours.

Compare the safety of ICF walls to other traditionally built exterior walls.

We have all seen the results of extreme weather and the devastation that it can cause. Wind pressure and debris driven by high winds generally present some of the greatest hazards to people and property. Build with ICF walls: save your life, save your investment!

ARXX ICF foundations and wall assembly can protect your home from wind speeds of up to 250 mph and can stop the impact of wind-borne projectiles from destroying the walls and penetrating the building interior. Check out the video and we'll prove it!

Shell Craft Commercial Structures provides ICF wall construction. This video demonstrates impact resistant windows and ICF wall's strength.

Impact-resistant glass

Pella’s impact-resistant glass helps prevent forced entry. The interlayer cannot be easily penetrated, even if the glass shatters. This provides added protection from intruders and storms, meaning storm shutters are no longer necessary.


One fractured window can be the difference between an intact home and a bare concrete slab. When wind finds its way through the seams of domicile, it can cause a shift in pressure strong enough to rip off a roof. Each window in the home has three parts: an exterior pane, a small spacer, and a laminated interior pane. The exterior sheet may shatter but the interior laminated sheet is stronger. It’s forged from two panes fused around a synthetic resin called polyvinyl butyral. It has withstood two hits from a 2-by-4 traveling at 50 feet per second during wind tests. In the worst-case scenario, it will crack like a car windshield, creating a spider-web effect.



See hurricane testing in action. Two-by-four at 50 feet per second at the window to test the laminated glass. The window and laminate need to remain intact to prevent a large rush of air and debris from entering the home, which could create enough pressure to lift the roof off causing the walls to blow over.

Strong wind mitigated roof


Withstands up to 140 mph wind with. Hurricane straps are set in concrete walls.


Top to bottom, truss connector plates holds the house together. Fangs on the underside of the steel plate secure it to each of the wooden planks in dozens of spots. The joints can withstand hurricane and tornado force winds.


Applied to the underside of the roof decking. No ridge vents or vented soffit. This minimizes the areas where the air can enter the attic space of your home. Spray foam will resist roof uplift during high wind events.

Spray foam insulation will significantly increase the structural strength of your home or building.

In this picture, you can see the roof is sealed with spray foam insulation. That way, contaminants and pollutants cannot penetrate the attic from outside. This is another important step that Florida Green Construction takes to build virtually allergen, mold, and dust free homes.

We showed you some of the structural advantages that make our homes safe. A combination of ICF walls, wind mitigated roof, and Impact resistant glass will ensure that your home built by Florida Green Construction, Inc. survives the storm. Our homes are hurricane and tornado resistant up to 200 MPH winds, fire retardant up to 4 hours, sound suppressant homes, mold and termite resistant, highly energy efficient.

HURRICANE SANDY: A STORY OF SURVIVAL WITHIN AN ICF HOME. In the video below you will see why one family is so thankful that they decided to build ICF. Be wise like this family and protect yourself and your investment. You never know where or when disaster will strike.

Is it important to own a strong house that can protect your life and your investment?

Before you decide to buy a home think about it. Look what happened in Tennessee. We are very sorry to see that as a result of the tornado many residential buildings were destroyed and 27 people died. Some areas of Nashville look like a war zone. This could have all been avoided with the right type of construction.

Watch the video. Give yourself the best possible chance to protect you from natural disasters.


Peace of Mind: Our ICF homes not only safeguard your investment, but also your family. You'll have peace of mind knowing you're in a safe, resilient structure.



Florida Green Construction can build you an ICF home that will protect your investment, your family, your memories, and your life.

We are Certified Custom Builders, you can bring your own plan or use one of our specially designed plans and customize it to meet your needs.

Why would you build anything else other than a hurricane, tornado, and fire-resistant home?

Why would you build anything else other than a Certified Green, highly energy efficient healthy to live in home.

Live with comfort and peace of mind. Build ICF homes!

Live with comfort and peace of mind. Build ICF homes!


Dear Florida Green Construction,

My wife and I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the wonderful home you have built for us. We find our home to be an exceptional value and of the highest quality, the customer service you provided was the best we have ever experienced, especially your attentiveness to our wants and needs during construction. We are so happy we decided to go with the Hurricane resistant home (ICF) as the air quality in the home has been amazing and has helped with my severe sinus infections to the point that I can sleep again at night, not to mention the insurance benefit and peace of mind. We will be recommending you to all our friends and family in the market for a new home.
Thank you again for everything. You are truly professional.

Robert and Un Hui Harer - 2018


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