What is a Green Home? Highly energy efficient and healthy to live in.
Florida Green Construction is a Florida Certified Master Builder.


Energy & water efficiency

Up to 70% energy savings on utility bills

Super insulated roof system.
Spray open cell roof insulation 5 1/2" above A/C areas and 3 1/2" above garage. Applied directly to the bottom of the roof decking, reducing energy consumption.
55 Mil. Self-adhering Peel & Seal underlayment applied under shingles for double protection from leaks.
Energy-efficient, Low-E, double pane, insulated, single hung, vinyl windows throughout
Effective heating, ventilating and Air-Conditioning Systems
Energy Star® 16 SEER A/C unit
Energy efficient appliances, lighting and water efficient fixtures.
Certified by UF Florida Friendly landscaping
Substantially lower insurance premium
Certified zero energy ready home
Certified by EPA EnergyStar homes
Certified FPL Build Smart homes
Certified Green by Florida Green Building Coalition

Healthy indoor environment

Virtually impenetrable to outdoor air pollutants: allergens, contaminants, viruses, bacteria. Free up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses

Certified by EPA indoor airPLUS qualified homes
Designed to contribute to improved indoor air quality
Air conditioning system consistently brings fresh air from outside
A/C ducts sealed during construction to prevent contamination
Air returns in all rooms create the same temperature inside
Whole Home In-Duct Air Purifier.
Combination of our insulation, Air Conditioning system, ventilation and the whole home in-duct air purifier make our homes free up to 99% of bacteria, mold and viruses.
Low or No VOC paint
The components and materials contain NO formaldehyde, NO chlorofluorocarbons, NO asbestos and NO fiberglass.
They suppress noise from the outside and provide moisture and mold control.


Build a Safe home with ICF walls. Your family fortress.

Hurricane and tornado resistant up to 200 MPH winds, fire retardant up to 4 hours, sound suppressant homes, mold and termite resistant, highly energy efficient.

Structural Integrity. Insulated concrete forms (ICF), steel rebar reinforced 4” poured concrete walls with 21/2” expanded polystyrene insulation on both sides with effective R-29 value. Entire exterior walls are capable of tornado-force, withstanding hurricane winds and flying debris up to 200 mph.
ICF construction has a matted rebar system that is a completely poured wall. Rebar is placed in the footers, and every 18 inches up horizontally, and every 24 inches vertically. The wall is completely poured and no voids are there as in block construction.
A combination of ICF walls, wind mitigated roof and impact resistant windows and glass will ensure that your Certified Green home is your family fortress.


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