What our customers say about us?

Hello guys!! Just received your holiday card with your well wishes for us in your beautiful houses you built for us.

Thank you so much for an excellent relationship. You guys have been awesome through the whole process. I treasure your friendship and wish you great continued success in your business. And not only there, but also in your personal lives may God richly bless you and your families.

Have a very blessed Christmas!!

Nydia and Olívio

From Day 1, the Green Family has been thoughtful, kind, considerate, and understanding of my and my wife’s wants.

The quality is impeccable, and the time frame was incredible. Everything was done as they said it would be done, and when it was supposed to be done. The quality is, of course, superior in quality than any other house that I have ever built.

The staff at Green’s is knowledgeable, well- informed. And their top priority is quality. ith this said, I highly recommend Green as a well-established and quality builder. I consider them a friend and family.

Thanks again for all you have done.

Sharon and Dennis

I love my new house, everyone I have dealt with at Florida Green Construction has been courteous and professional.

This isn't my first home, but my last, and I wanted a custom home of my own design.

Gene is very open, excellent to work with, and has listened to my needs. I have made changes and tweaks along the way, and he always accommodated my wants.

Everyone I have dealt with has been absolutely wonderful, Gene, Daniel, Jeff, Jerry, Yuri, + others whose names escape me ....

My house is perfect, it is a custom home, exactly what I wanted, and certainly what I got.

Building a home is a long, tedious, and can be a stressful journey. The team at Florida Green minimized the stressful part of my journey.

I will always highly recommend them.

Joe Stolfi

Yairi was very nice to work with, nothing was too much trouble.

She works tirelessly for her clients and is very honest and informative. She was always just a phone call away if we had any questions. She kept us informed throughout the entire process.

These builders are really one of a kind, we felt as if they had our best interest in mind. Their materials, energy efficient, and healthy to live in home is everything we wanted especially after COVID.

Having a Platinum Green Certified Home with ICF walls has really helped us feel like we've made such a smart investment. With their aging in place option, my husband and I don't have to worry about making any changes in the future to our home.

Our new home is super affordable with our utility savings and their advance building codes really has given us a peace of mind for our future and staying competitive. I don't remember how many certificates they have but it was many.

We were very impressed and now extremely happy!


When I met Jeff from Florida Green Co. I looked no further and decided to give them an opportunity to build my very first house. Back then he has a radio show and was excellent in explaining why “green” construction matters and all benefits for the health as well as money savings. Overall I had a great experience.

Gene is experienced and honest general contractor who has knowledge and ability to answer all our questions. Daniel also was helping us along the process and provided us pictures with updates on each step of construction.

My house is ICF house which gives me and my family piece of mind when another hurricane approach. My electricity bills and insurance saving reminding me that it was right decision to work with Florida Green Construction.

Believe In Your Dreams

Hello guys!! Just received your holiday card with your well wishes for us in your beautiful houses you built for us.

Thank you so much for an excellent relationship. You guys have been awesome through the whole process. I treasure your friendship and wish you great continued success in your business. And not only there, but also in your personal lives may God richly bless you and your families.

Have a very blessed Christmas!!

Nydia and Olívio

I moved into my beautiful, new green home on March 10, 2017. The Kate model was a perfect fit for me, plus they allowed me to make some modifications to the floor plan that made it work even better! The price is amazingly reasonable, because the finished product is so high quality. My utilities are practically nothing, and I feel great about being "GREEN". I went with FGC because of the Green aspect. The craftsmanship was a BIG bonus. Everyone told me that building a home can be a nightmare. Not when you work with Contractor Gene Slone! I couldn't be happier.

Terry Adams

I would like to express on behalf of my husband & I our many thanks to Florida Green Construction for making our dream home a reality. It has been a pleasure to work with them.

Gloria/William B.

My wife and I live in the ICF home built by “Florida Green Construction” almost two years and we are happy with it. First of all the quality of air is high and we breathe easily. Secondly, we save a lot of money with cooling and heating. I did some research comparing our old home in Tampa, FL (1,500 feet built by “Beazer” in 2002 – concrete block walls and single-pane windows) with the new one (1,429 sq. feet built in 2017 – ICF walls and double-pane windows).

The climate in Tampa is a little bit warmer than in Palm Coast:

Tampa average high for January: 70F
average low for January: 52F
average high for July: 90F
average low for July: 76F

Palm Coast average high for January: 65F
average low for January: 45F
average high for July: 89F
average low for July: 72F

We maintained the same temperature in both homes (74F) all year round but our expenses have changed dramatically.

In the old home we paid $160 per month in summer and $90 in winter. Now we are paying $80 in summer and $50 in winter.

Best regards.

Nikolay Pogodin

Florida Green Construction is an outstanding company. I have had 4 custom homes in three states; however, my present home is the best. It combines beauty and quality with energy-saving and healthful living. Moreover, there are numerous floor plans to choose from and they are more than willing to modify any one of them to meet your needs. In addition, the sales manager, Daniel, and the owners--Jeff and Gene-- not only are knowledgeable, but also have integrity. We are very pleased with our home investment and would recommend a Florida Green home to everyone. Even our daughter bought one!

James D Lopez

Our family moved to the state of Florida from Chicago on August 27, 2018. Our new house was built especially for us by Florida Green Construction. Having lived a year, we realized that we live in a beautiful house built with the latest building technologies. Everything in it is convenient, beautiful, economical (including bills), quiet and you don’t have to worry about problems. Thanks to the company and its management for helping us acquire this “piece of happiness” in the warm and beautiful Palm Coast, Florida.

Dolgallo family

Dear Florida Green Construction,

My wife and I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for the wonderful home you have built for us. We find our home to be an exceptional value and of the highest quality, the customer service you provided was the best we have ever experienced, especially your attentiveness to our wants and needs during construction. We are so happy we decided to go with the Hurricane resistant home (ICF) as the air quality in the home has been amazing and has helped with my severe sinus infections to the point that I can actually sleep again at night, not to mention the insurance benefit and peace of mind. We will be recommending you to all our friends and family in the market for a new home.

Thank you again for everything. You are truly professional.

Robert and Un Hui Harer

My wife and I purchased a green home (Palm model from Florida Green Construction during December 20L7. From our initial meeting with Florida Green Construction through the closing process we were very impressed with the professionalism of all the employees and the personal attention we received. During the process we had the opportunity to tour a few existing models to see their workmanship first hand. We could not be happier with our new home - the workmanship is exceptional, the "green" aspects of the home are impressive, and the staff at FGC were always there to answer any questions and make recommendations.

The super insulated roof, solid wall structure, and special A/C ducting system do a great job of keeping the home at a consistent temperature which saves on utility bills and suppresses outside sounds. lt also makes a big difference with the air circulation and air freshness which are immediately noticeable. We have already recommended Florida Green Construction to family and friends and would use them again if we decided to build a green home for rental purposes.

Thank you so much Yuri, Jeff, Gene, Daniel, and Yelena for your assistance and enthusiasm during this project!!

Vincent and Julia Howerdel

Many thanks to Florida Green Construction for our magnificently built home, the home of our dreams. We were so lucky to collaborate with a team of professionals who love their job and strive to fully realize the needs of customers. They should be proud of what they do.

We got a big, beautiful, comfortable and cozy house in Palm Coast. As part of the construction contract, we received a lot of additional options and a home that reflected our desires. I don’t ever want to leave our house. When I am away I cannot wait to come back! We wish everyone had could experience living in a home like ours!

Thank you very much Jeff, Gene, Jerry, Daniel, Yelena and the companies-contractors for the great work on our house!

Svetlana Chebotareva

Great company to work with got everything done on a timely matter and they also speak a few different languages

Anthony Rodriguez

Quality in everything they do, from the products they use, to the people they contract for their jobs. A top builder in Palm Coast.

Gregg M

I visited the NY sales office of Florida Green Construction, a Florida company in Palm Coast. They introduced me Green homes technologies. We scheduled trip to Palm Coast.

They build beautiful houses, of their own designs, but they are open to suggestions. What amazed me was the amount of detail and care that goes into their building process from the very moment they start a project. Their walls are reinforced in such a unique way as to withstand the strongest of hurricanes, repel flood water, and not allow the fire to get inside the house. But the thing that struck me as truly unique, and this is how they earned so many Energy Star awards for so many years, is that they seal the both ends of the airflow ducts the moment they put them in.

This effectively prevents anything from getting into the future air flowing through the house, things like dust from the construction, dust from the outside, pollen, mold, insects, and even small animals. The ecosystem of the house is closed off from the outside! How many companies can boast that?

My wife and I were convinced right away and began the construction of our first house that same week. We couldn’t be there every step of the way, but the team there kept us in the loop on every decision about our future house, big or small, from the color of the cabinets and the tiles to help with mortgage advice.

They regularly provided updates in forms of pictures that one of their team members took just for us. It was truly awesome to watch the progression from the lot being cleared to the first bricks being laid to the walls going up. And when we visited the finished product for closing we were absolutely astounded as to how beautiful the house looked, inside and out!

Because of our schedules we could not move into the house right away, we were very upset about that. Luckily, the people at Florida Green Construction were able to help us even then. Their management team took care of renting out that house for us. Everything was done: advertisement, interviews, background checks (criminal, financial, employment, etc.), payments set-up, and anything that would come up that would require our participation. As a result, the house was rented out ahead of schedule, which means the payments started ahead of schedule, which created a nice cushion for our mortgage payments.

Because even if we cannot have that house as our primary residence, it is ours as a terrific investment opportunity!

But we do want to get another house in Palm Coast (maybe even more than one), and when we do, rest assured it would be from Florida Green Construction!

Boris and Anzhelika S.

We moved to Palm Coast from Brooklyn in the summer of 2017, to a new Green home built by Florida Green Construction. We feel so comfortable in this house as comfortable as we feel in Palm Coast. The air in a house of crystal clearness, and we forget about our allergies, being in it. Convenient layout, luxury kitchen, swimming pool and very little maintenance costs for home. Thank you for your professionalism and Green house.

Elena Bindman
Palm Coast

The homes are beautiful and they come with so much already included!

Robert Boyles
Palm Coast

Love my house I am in!

Laurie Farmer

“We purchased our Florida Green Home December 2017, what a great Christmas present. For more than two years we visited most of the model homes in Palm Coast, when we decided a Green Home was what we wanted we met with Yuri Valson, his knowledge and enthusiasm for the home was contagious. The model ‘Kate’ was the one we wanted, as it happed a home of this particular model was nearing completion and for sale in the section of Palm Coast we wanted to be in. Just six minutes from our son and daughter-in-law. My wife loved the kitchen cabinets and the floor plan, seeing the home almost done was a plus as this was our first new home. The entire staff from sales, building punch list coordinator and closing was a joy to work with.


Harold and Marian Foy

Hello it’s Victoria, just thank you so much for getting us into this amazing house, we love it so much. Our home and neighbors are so amazing. I cannot thank you enough!!!!! ❤️❤️

Victoria E.

We love our new home! We love the floor plan and the specious layout of the rooms. The entry foyer and the great-looking stairway to the bonus room set the stage to a beautiful dining room. The kitchen is gorgeous, nicely planned and very convenient. We are very happy with the choice of colors and materials throughout the house. The living room is the real showcase of the house with the beautiful nook window and lots of light. The high ceilings throughout the first level are adding to the airiness of the rooms. The master bedroom is large, but cozy at the same time. The two guest bedrooms are very convenient, and both have abundant closet space. Can’t wait to test them out on my family visitors in a few weeks. I love my office! I have a lot of privacy for work and still have a large window and enough space for a small couch. The house stays cool in the hot weather, it is well insulated from the heat. The solar-powered water heater is great, very economical so far. All bathrooms are specious, especially the master bathroom. All closets are generously sized and well placed in the rooms, which helps to avoid clutter. The bonus room is a true “bonus” a perfect space for entertaining and indoor recreation.

We enjoy our great lanai and our second floor balcony very much. So happy we had both of them screened in: it proves to be very important for our location next to a lake.

The house looks impressive from the outside too. We get many compliments from our neighbors and visitors. Thank you, Florida Green Construction for a job well done!

Rimma and Rudy Mogilevsky
Palm Coast

Florida Green Construction Company is the most reputable construction company that we have dealt with. Out of the three custom built homes that we have had built during the last eighteen years, our most positive and satisfactory experience has been with Florida Green.

The owners have integrity and the staff is always striving to provide the best service. We are extremely pleased with the superior quality and beauty of the construction.

As soon as we walked through the doors of our new Florida Green home, we could breathe the difference in the air quality; it is a healthy indoor environment. Moreover, we look forward to the lower costs for water and power usage since it is energy and water efficient.

We are so pleased with our new Florida Green home, that we decided to help our daughter buy one for her very own. We recommend Florida Green to anyone interested in purchasing a quality home at a reasonable price.

J.D. & M.M. López
Palm Coast

I’ve lived in a Florida Green Home for 2 years now and would like to share some valuable information with the many people who are unaware of the real advantages of living in this type of home. To me most importantly and first of all my son’s allergies have gotten much better since we moved in here. There is just something in the air, it feels refreshing, I love living here, I’m sure it’s all the certified healthy interior features.

On top of all that good stuff I save about $300 per month on my utility costs compared to my old home of similar size. I recommend Florida Green Homes to anyone looking for an affordable, luxury or custom builder in Florida.

Pearvenia Hill
Palm Coast

We moved to the green home in May, 2009 and absolutely love it. We are so very happy in our new home. We feel like the air is much cleaner and my husband who has suffered from allergies, hasn’t had any issues at all since we moved. Our old electric bill used to be $200 and plus on good months and sometimes $400 if we ran the AC or heater a lot for smaller house than we live now.

We are very pleased with our new electric bill which is usually less than $150 a month for a family of 5 with 3 small children and a house size of 2,400 sq. ft. living area and heights of ceiling of 10-12 ft. We absolutely love our new green home and couldn’t be living any where else. Perfect choice, green homes are simply the best!

Sierra and Stephen Taylor
Palm Coast

I have been always very considerate of an environment and have been a member of a “Green Party” for many years. Our world promptly becomes soiled, resources are exhausted. Unfortunately, construction process can lead to environment and ecosystem destruction. It is known that the modern person spends at the house more than 85 % of time.

There is a question: whether it is possible to create such house in which residing conditions would be approached to the ideal as much as possible? It appears to be possible. These houses are called "Green". Green homes have such doubtless advantages as harmony with an environment, economy of energy, water, materials and resources, quality of water and pure air.

There is an opinion that green construction – is a whim of wealthy people. New technologies are more expensive than the traditional methods used by decades, but calculations show that in 8-10 years the choice of a "green" house pays off and also an ownership of such a house starts to make a profit. Florida Green Homes proved that construction of a green house doesn’t cost me more than the construction of traditionally built one.

I am very happy with my choice of a green house which keeps my family in good health and is environment friendly. Also it is really important to me that my house is hurricane resistant and is very quite. Construction of green houses remains the main world tendency of our time. "Green houses" are houses being in harmony with environment

Eugene Pan
Palm Coast

This home is absolutely amazing. I had called FPL to complain about my latest electric bill, which is the highest it's ever been here at $81.00 and they laughed at me. Apparently, most people's bills this month becuase of the cold snaps were over $300.00. My house is over 2,300 SF, and I normally pay about $50.00. The temperature in the home just seems to stay the same, and the heat or the air hardly ever come on, which to me is unheard of in Florida.

I have been here for almost one year, and I can't imagine not living in a Green Home now. It's not just the savings. The home is clean, quiet and comfortable through and through. I suffer from allergies to pollen, and for the first time in many years, my allergies don't bother me when I am at home. When I am outside if the pollen is high - I am sneezing like a madman, but then I go home, and it's like there is not a speck of pollen in the air. My advice to anyone thinking of building or buying a home - wherever you are - opt for a Green Home. You'll never want to live any place else.

And if you are in this part of Florida, build with Florida Green Homes - they are beautiful, affordable fortresses.

Matthew Rinaldi, elementary school teacher
Palm Coast

I was so excited to move into my new Florida Green Home. What happened next, I didn’t expect. The very first thing I noticed is how quite it is. Virtually no outside noise. The surprises kept coming. Imagine opening up your electric bill for the very first time. Scary, at least for me. I thought surely there must be some kind of mistake. It had been very cold for about 12 days. I ran the heat, although it never seemed to be running. I opened my bill and to my amazement it was $36.00 dollars.

I was a first time home buyer, so I knew nothing about building one. Florida Green Homes held my hand every step of the way. Everything was explained to me from the construction to the inspection process. If I had questions, I was always able to call and get my questions. My home is affordable. Prior to building with Florida Green Homes, I was renting. I could never get ahead with bills. In my new home, not only do I have a beautiful home, I have met exceptional people who honestly care and are committed to the best home possible. I fully endorse Florida Green Homes. Isn’t it time you build a green home?

Thank you for all you do.

Amanda Mazzie, Miss American Renaissance, 2009
Palm Coast

Why I have decided to invest money in construction of a green house instead of purchasing a house foreclosure? Before I made my investment decision, I have carefully studied the real estate market to answer the following questions:

1. What house can I buy today with a budget that is available to me for construction of the green house?

2. What is the potential return on this investment?

I had a choice to buy a house foreclosure or short sale. However, every house that has been offered to me was 10-15 years old. In order for me to rent this house to tenants, I have to spend $4,000-$5,000 for repairs and updates. With each new tenant renting, further repairs will be needed. I plan to sell the house in 8-10 years. By that time, this house bought in foreclosure will be 15-20 years old and once on the market further repairs upwards of $30,000-$35,000 are likely. Total expenses for 8-10 years will accumulate upwards of $45,000-$50,000. For example, if I were to invest in a foreclosed house, how will this house compete with the more modern and updated efficient green houses?

The majority of consumers in the next decade will invest in more economic, healthy, efficient and ecologically safe houses as green technology advances, diversifies and is made more readily available to the consumer market. To sell the house bought in foreclosure, the purchased value of the house with repairs and upgrades will not sustain the new green housing market.

Vadim Safronov, Investor
Palm Coast

... we are thinking you guys may just build the best around!

Marissa Canario, Licensed Florida Realtor
Port Orange, FL

You seem like an amazing Builder and I want a house at that type of quality. I never heard of anything like that before until I came across your company.

Patricia Delanoy

Hello all – Merry Christmas from Kiwi and I. We wanted to take this moment to say Thank you for all you have done so far on our home, we are grateful, excited, dreaming and looking forward to the finish line. Each one of you have been an inspiration, instrumental in helping us and so cooperative to us. Thank you, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We appreciate you.

Stay Well,

Gina & Kiwi


We’re enjoying Florida, especially the fall, winter and spring time. Summers with a pool and central air, isn’t too bad either. We installed solar heating for the pool to extend the swimming season. This year, it extended our swim time to the beginning of November when temps fell well below average. If it hadn’t cooled down so much, we probably would have been able to swim for most of November. We are enjoying a nice warm up so far this December. Mother nature is rather confused. Probably won’t get back into the pool until February or March.

To stay safe during this pandemic, we watch where we go and avoid crowds. So it’s been great having the pool for recreation.

Many of our neighbors are very friendly and we’ve made a few friends. Our street has very little traffic, so walking Riley around the block is easy. Sometimes some of the neighbors will walk with us.

There was a great deal of land and house sales in Palm Coast this year. Land prices have doubled, tripled or gone up even more. Housing went way up also. Builders have had to re-calculate their home prices, due to how much building materials have gone up. We definitely purchased at the right time.

We try to get over to the ocean at least once a week. Riley loves going in the car and walking on the board walk and the beach. She is getting used to the ocean water as long as it doesn’t swamp her. She also loves her cement back yard. I.e. the enclosed pool deck. She keeps her best eye on things letting us know if anybody is walking by.

May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!


Geis family


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